A film by Strava, featuring Pretorius

We were very honoured to feature in Strava’s recent film, Ride with Us – a film of gratitude, their way of saying “Thanks for taking us on your ride”.

Strava is used by millions of cyclist around the world. This film, and its associated series of mini-films, highlights some of the many things that connect riders all around the world – the ‘rituals’ of cycling.



We’re avid Strava users as a club and individual riders personally. We think it’s a great platform to compliment our riding – creating camaraderie, friendly competition and individual training motivation.




The filming took place over 4 weeks in 4 locations across the globe; London, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Barcelona. It was hard work (and much harder for the film crew we’re sure), but it was great fun and we had lot of laughs in the process.




We are really pleased with how the video turned out, and we would like to thank Strava again for giving us the opportunity to be involved with the project. If you haven’t seen the videos then give it a watch, if you have seen it then watch it again!


Wednesday July 1st 2015