Ride Etiquette

Riding as a group is a vanishing art and, while we want everyone to have fun, if everyone is to get the best out of the ride and stay safe there has to be good discipline – especially on the busier roads coming back into town.The main rule is to be considerate of everyone around you at all times, but please remember:

Our training rides are not a race, please do not attack the group.

Keep a close two-by-two formation: always ride close to the person next to you and keep your handlebars in line with theirs.

If there’s a gap, close it gradually: do not accelerate fast and then brake.

Let the rider next to you know if you want to change position. Do not move up or down the pack without checking it’s safe to do so, and do not ride three abreast any longer than is necessary.

Shouting, please don’t shout about every car, hole, small hazard. It disrupts the group and causes riders to panic.

Signal potholes and hazards with hand signals if you’re on the front please.

Always stop at crossroads and traffic lights. The lead rider will not cross until it is safe for the entire group to cross. Please don’t jump the group

If you need a pee, let the ride leader know. They’ll pick a suitable place… please be discreet.